The Damage Smoking Causes for Your Teeth

Kids, you know what smoking can do to your body. Lung cancer and heart disease are just a few complications that arise from this problem. But did you know that smoking can seriously damage your mouth? Today we are going to show you three common dental problems that can occur when you choose to smoke.

1. Gum Disease – Smoking accounts for nearly 75% of periodontal (gum) disease cases in adults. Smoking can irritate gum tissue and reduce blood flow, causing the gums to pull away from the teeth. According to a study by the CDC, those who smoked less than half a pack per day were three times more likely to suffer from periodontal disease than those that didn’t smoke at all.

2. Tooth loss – A person’s smile is one of the first attributes we notice about new people we meet. Smoking causes the tooth to become decayed, making it more susceptible to fall out.

3. Oral Cancer – Smoking is a primary cause of throat and oral cancers. Oral cancers are particularly life threatening because they tend to be painless and small. An oral cancer screening is a routine part of your Smiles Dental checkups, allowing our dentists to ade-quately diagnose the problem before it becomes worse. You can learn more about oral cancer at the Oral Cancer Foundation website.

The Kick Butts Day campaign is nationally recognized for tobacco-free kids. You can live a healthy lifestyle today by choosing not to smoke. If you do smoke, consider quitting and visiting your dentist to evaluate your oral health. Your dentist can help you decide on a plan to quit smoking and assess your mouth for any problems that require treatment.