Don’t Like To Floss? Try Another Kind Of Interdental Cleaner

Your dentist has told you to brush your teeth and floss them too. However, many people avoid the flossing part of a daily oral hygiene routine because it may be difficult or uncomfortable for them. Cleaning between your teeth is imperative in maintaining dental health; if flossing is difficult for you, then try another type of interdental cleaner.

Dental Tape

This is very similar to floss because it is a threadlike material that your slide up between your teeth. However, dental tape is wider and flatter than floss, which makes it easier to use.

Interdental Brush

An interdental brush is a tiny brush that can clean between teeth. It is not only easier to use than floss (especially if you have braces) but has been found to be a more effective cleaner.

Wooden Plaque Remover

This dental tool is very similar to a toothpick. After moistening the wood in your mouth until it is soft, you can carefully insert it between your teeth and clean there.

Water Flosser

Also known as an oral irrigator, this device sprays water between teeth to clean them out. However, there is a debate in the dental field as to whether a water flosser is effective at removing plaque or not. Speak with your dentist about whether this device will help clean your smile.