The Differences Between Each Type of Dental X-Ray

Did you know that there are different types of X-Rays available in the dental world today? Well, it’s true! Generally, the X-Rays are divided into two main categories: intraoral and extraoral X-Rays. An intraoral X-Ray is one that is taken inside the mouth while an extraoral X-Ray is taken outside of the mouth. These X-Rays can find cavities, examine the tooth roots, check the health of the underlying bone, identify periodontal disease, and see the status of developing teeth.

The different X-Rays available include:

Periapical: A periapical X-Ray shows the entire tooth. It gives the dentist details of the tooth’s crown all the way down to the bone that supports it.

Bite-Wing: A bite-wing X-Ray shows the upper and lower molars. This is beneficial because it shows your dentist how the teeth touch together and it also helps identify tooth decay between the teeth if it is present.

Panoramic: A panoramic X-Ray provides an image of the teeth, jaws, nose, sinuses, and jaw joint areas. This is a beneficial X-Ray for those who need orthodontic treatment or dental implants.

Occlusal: An occlusal X-Ray shows the bite of the upper and lower jaw. It can also show the development of a child’s primary or permanent teeth.

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